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Modern Law Enforcement Subject Control

Police defensive tactics need to evolve to match the threat.   If you are looking for an effective defensive tactics instructor course or an end-user course, Centurion Modern Law Enforcement Subject Control is for you. Our defensive tactics schools are eclectic and cutting edge. We would love to hear from you to schedule training at your department. 

Centurion Instructors
International Centurion School
Centurion Senior Instructor working with a police academy cadet
Police academy cadets
Centurion instructor working with police cadets
Patient control EMS class
EMS patient control class
EMS patient control class
Senior instructor working with police cadets

This training has been registered with MCOLES for the use of PA 302 Law Enforcement Distribution funds.

Police JiuJitsu - Volume I

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Modern Law Enforcement Subject Control

Police defensive tactics. Law enforcement subect control. Michgan. MCOLES

When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.


Centurion's Subject Control is a modern system that gives an officer more tools to reduce the likely hood of sole dependence on deadly force.


A modern subject control system that maximizes officers chances of stopping a threat.


Scenarios are designed to put officers in stressful situations, teaching them to react regardless of environmental stressors.


Training hand to hand techniques as well as proper handling of subjects.



We teach officers to transition up & down the use of force continuum, giving them the skills and confidence to facilitate de-escalation of force when necessary.








Centurion Modern Law Enforcement Subject Control is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.


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The training concepts developed for Centurion Defense Tactics focus on preparing Officers to "Recognize and Defend" against subject actions ranging from active aggression to deadly force assault. These techniques train Officers to recognize these various subject actions and provide for an Officer response that effectively defends against subjects who are assaultive both physically and when armed with firearms and edged weapons.

Drill Sgt. Todd Christensen

Force Science Analyst 

Kalamazoo Public Safety (Retired)


I designed Centurion with one thought in mind, people's lives hung in the balance.



I highly recommend this training for all experience levels in law enforcement.
I have trained with and observed the training by Centurion Defensive Tactics.  The training is practical, effective and proven. It is conducted by a dedicated staff who have a true passion for its need and implementation.
Be safe/watch your six.

Capt. Don Benthin

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