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If you want to get faster, train slower

Cadets, I’m very pleased with the progress you have made in the area of Subject Control. I wanted to emphasize something that we talked about this morning at Subject Control. At the current level of exposure to new techniques our primary focus should be proper technique and form. Speed, power, etc. will be secondary. Do not rely on your youth, speed, or power when executing your technique. Focus on proper form, do not “muscle it” if you can’t get it to work. Instead, ask for help from your fellow cadets and instructors. You will not be faster, stronger, or more explosive than the subject, but you can always be more prepared and more knowledgable. I could sense cadets attempting to deploy the techniques faster, “because that’s how fast it will go down on the street.” Yes, situations you will find yourself in the future are very dynamic and fast paced. However, as we begin the learning process we need to execute the techniques slowly and as close as perfect as we can. As I mentioned to you, as you repeat an action (correctly or incorrectly), your neuropathways will be laminated with myelin. The more you repeat the action the more myelin insulation you will have. Myelin will allow for faster electrical conductivity in the nerves allowing you to execute faster. So DO NOT try to deploy your techniques faster now, repeat them over and over, slow down if you have, and make sure the techniques are done as close to perfectly as possible. Your cadet group is doing a great job. Keep it up. Help each other, and lead from the front. Khillah

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