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20 October 2017 Live Scenario AAR

Excellent progression! Perhaps the most improvement I have seen over any four-week time frame my entire career at the Kalamazoo Valley Law Enforcement Training Center. You will be even better for the next one because we will take this opportunity to learn from each other’s mistakes collectively as a class. Compiled areas of improvement in chronological order: What are you walking into? What is the call? What are the dispatch notes? What do I already know about the level of agitation / aggression that the subject has demonstrated? Is there a higher probability of going hands on due to level of agitation / aggression ? If so, REQUEST AN ADDITIONAL UNIT. Distance management and control - what objects do I have available in my immediate environment that I may utilize as barriers to slow subject advance? How far away do I need to stand to have an appropriate reactionary gap to match the subjects level of agitation/ aggression? What is my emergency exit route? How do I get off the X? What tools do I escalate to at what point? Where is my “line in the sand?” When reactionary gap fails, how do I keep the fight on my feet and get subject to the ground? Clinch position, underhooks, swimming. When do i strike? Great aggression on the strikes today. Remember, striking us a distractionary tool to gain compliance and eventually control. When clinch fails and I go to the ground, how do I sweep and get on top? How do I break the guard and pass to a dominant position or execute a tactical disengagement? Verbals! When do I advise dispatch I’m fighting? What’s the radio traffic like? Do I say “24 City” and wait for a response? Or do I get out what I can quickly and focus on the fight? “ 22s fighting with one” do they know where I am? Am I dispatched here or did I stumble onto something? Excellent improvements! Excited for what’s to come

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