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Basics of an Outside Wrist-lock

The outside wrist lock is one of the most basic subject control/defensive tactics techniques. It is extremely versatile and can be applied to various scenarios at mid to lower levels of subject resistance/aggresion. It is one technique that all law enforcement officers should become proficent in and add to their tool box.


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Welcome to our weekly Vlog where we show you the happenings at Centurion Modern Law Enforcement Subject Control. Centurion is one of the most eclectic police defensive tactics programs. Centurion is MCOLES registered.

If you are looking for one of the best programs for your department, Centurion MSC is what you need.

Centurion makes your officers competent in joint locks, distractionary strikes, ground sweeps and submission defense, as well as weapon retention and weapon disarming.

Centurion was developed with extensive research and development and has been taught to thousands of officers with excellent feedback from both he departments/academies and the participating officers.

Contact us by phone at 269-383-2610 or visit us online at

Michigan Police Defensive Tactics. Subject Control for the 21st Century. The threat has evolved far beyond the antiquated defensive tactics programs. Empower your officers with this cutting edge, modern, and effective subject control program. Centurion will come to your department and conduct our 6 hour school.

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