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A realistic approach to a growing concern

Excessive force. Unnecessary injuries. Preventable deaths. These are just some of the instances that have plagued police departments across America. Add to that, the bad publicity, media firestorm, and social media backlash and you’ve have a tarnished reputation on an otherwise respectable department.

Now what can be done? Monthly meetings about diversity? Sure that’s something. Use of force briefings before shift changes? I can see officers rolling their eyes at it but if it’s necessary they’ll manage.

But what about when that time comes? That one moment that can forever change someone’s life? That half a second an officer has to decide whether their life will end, or the suspect’s life will end? There is not a PowerPoint, or meeting, or even a training session on earth that can prepare someone for the mental stress of a life or death fight.

So instead of making a life or death choice, which should undoubtedly be the last resort, why not de escalation? De escalate the situation so that both parties can continue living the joy of life. While they may teach that during training at the police academy, why not have refresher courses periodically? Everyone should know the basics of CPR, but isn’t that something that has to be done periodically as well? So if a life saving technique like CPR has to be renewed, why not have periodic de escalation classes?

Centurion training first responders: rescue, EMS, and law enforcement
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With Centurion Modern Subject Control, that’s exactly what we do. We don’t automatically go for the jugular, we go for peace. We defer the use of deadly force until it is undoubtedly necessary. Keeping in mind, immediate and decisive escalation of force may be the way to de escelate. So why not use every method possible before that has to become an option?

With CMSC, we teach ways of deescalating a situation, with live action participation. There’s no hand raising, no homework, and no classroom lecture. It is 100% hands on. The reason being is that we want to challenge officers to think outside the box, with no two scenarios being the same. The live role players we use, are trained martial artists; ready to give the officer a fight to see how they will handle the situation.

As stated before, no two situations are the same. So while one officer might have the scenario of a combative subject, another might have a situation that may require a more delicate touch like a suicidal person.

With our program, there is no pass or fail. We just teach. We present options. We provide more alternative ways of thinking. We do this so that if that time comes, when a police officers no other choice at survival is to squeeze that trigger, they can do so knowing that they explored every avenue possible, before having to choose the last resort.

The easiest way to explain what Centurion Modern Subject Control is this:

“It is better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war.”

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