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Ground Survival

Great performance by this officer. Some excellent takeaways:

  • Notice the suspects timing on when he choose to provide resistance. Suspect hears the handcuffs come out and takes off. Remember, you NEED CONTROL before attempting to handcuff. That’s why I like the two thumb and waistband grip.

  • Calling for help is vital, you don’t know when you will hit the wall and/or lose position in the fight, get that call out as soon as you can safely do so. Note how the officer almost lost the top position when he called for help.

  • Position trumps striking, joint locks, chokes, and just about anything else. Fight to maintain a dominant position, if you transition to strikes, a joint lock, or handcuffing and begin to lose position, abort on your attempt and salvage your position first.

  • Use your hard empty hand control tools to stun then control the suspect.


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