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Upcoming Centurion School

South County Command, 

The Chikaming Township Police Department is hosting a use of force training. The training will be put on by Amir Khillah of Centurion Modern Law Enforcement Subject Control. Centurion is a MCOLES registered subject control school. Amir previously worked for Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety as a Police Officer, with 7 years of experience working as a subject control instructor for KVCC Police Academy. In addition Amir is a retired professional MMA fighter in the UFC. Amir holds a Masters degree in Human Performance from Western Michigan University and a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Physiology. 

The majority of the time, each of our departments has 1-2 Officers working. We rely on each other as backup. It will be beneficial for our Departments to attend use of force training together. In almost every major use of force incident there were multiple departments involved. If we don't train together, we will be setting ourselves up for failure. 

This training will cover the following areas: 

-Knife defense 

-Gun retention 

-Ground sweeps/escapes 

-Take downs 


Cost: $300 per certified Police Officer, $150 per Reserve Officer 

Date: Friday April, 26th 2019 

Time: 0900-1600hrs

Location: River Valley Middle/High School (Wrestling room) 

15480 Three Oaks Rd. 

Three Oaks, MI 49128

Register via email:

Uniform: BDU pants, tennis shoes or duty boots, duty belt/keepers, bullet proof vest (NO KNIFES OR FIREARMS)

Deadline to sign up: Monday April, 15th, 2019 

If you would like further information about Centurion or Amir please see their website In addition there is a link to a promotion video, showing what Centurion has to offer.

Sgt. Brandon Jones #7-10

Chikaming Township Police Department

13535 Red Arrow Hwy. 

Harbert, MI 49115

Office: (269)469-3245

Cell: (269)757-3611

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